Movies that Go Bump in the Night: Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Whatever it was that was haunting my family… it’s not done with us.

The Fifth Element - Diva Dance
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You mean all this time we could have been friends?

Julia Marcell - The Story
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I remember there’s a story
Of a woman sentenced to death
She called up her kids and husband
Said “I won’t come home today
And I won’t come home tomorrow
No, I won’t come on Saturday
And I won’t get there on Christmas
No, I won’t come on Mother’s Day”

So they burned all her belongings
To kill loneliness when night falls
And the room they used to sleep in
Stood there blushing from the naked walls
And in every dress thrown in a fire
He would want her more than he ever did
And with every ruby lipstick
He felt trapped in his own guilt

So he wrote and awkward letter
From the bottom of his fragile heart
“See, I never thought I loved you
But the silence tore me apart
With your death in all its glory
There’s no time for me to live”
I remember there’s a story
Of a man sentenced to


The Odyssey/ O Brother Where Art Thou

“O Muse!

Sing in me, and through me tell the story

Of that man skilled in all the ways of contending,

A wanderer, harried for years on end …”

 - Bubblegum Bitch vs. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
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well it took me about 2 seconds to reblog this


"What’s the matter? Never taken a shortcut before?"


"What’s the matter? Never taken a shortcut before?"


Venetian masks


Venetian masks



#the moment I knew I had to be indiana jones

This was actually Harrison Ford improvising. There was supposed to be a long complicated battle where he used the whip to disarm the guy, but Harrison had dysentery and it was hot and he said “Hey Steven can I just shoot him?” and Spielberg liked it so much it went in the movie.

^ one among many epic improvisations by Harrison Ford.  The most notable being “I love you” “I know” when the line was originally “I love you too.”


Happy Birthday to Bruce Campbell, born June 22nd 1958

Aliens (1986) Dir. James Cameron


Women in horror movies.


13 Ghosts